Friday, November 16, 2007

Six Months Past

Wow, looks like I really havn't updated this blog in a while. I suppose its been a combination of "busy" and ... well, just busy. Even my LJ hasn't seen quite the update-action it should. Last updated in May? Oh my.

So lets see. The summer was, actually, a lot of fun. Shortly after the May post, we had the Great Egg-Drop Experiment, in which Sara and I won. Yeah, shortly before that Sara returned from her trip to Costa Rica and was back at living in the Mansion (she makes an excellent housemate, for the record). The summer flew by ... the first half was dominated by D&D with Rob and Alyssa before their move to Santa Cruz, much hanging out with the Fabulous Melanie Lieu (now in Korea), an awesome camping trip, oh, and class and research were thrown in there. I managed to complete the image segmentation routines for Kepler, and more-or-less (using Ms. Mintz as a medium) asked out a girl I met two nights prior (turns out she left the state for good two days later. Sigh. Temporary residence in CA). Celtic Studies was actually useful, Classics a bit dull. Much hanging out with Ms. Mintz et al. There was a wee bit of drama, but nothing worth noting. I would have to say, though, this was definiately the best summer I've had in a very long while. I also ended up purchasing a desert kingsnake for myself, which I named (with some help from Sara and Jessica) Heisenberg.

We hit September. School's started, Pancho is MIA and Kepler is put on hold. Its not too bad, though 105 is in Goldman at 8am and the professor is mediocre at best. 110 is interesting (more on that later), NE looks to be interesting but .... different .... German a bit more intimidating than I was betting on, and, of course, the DeCal is going great. My 21st comes and goes without incident -- definitely my most sober birthday at Cal. Natasha and Jessica and I begin a new D&D campaign, which is still ongoing. 111 is busy as all hell, much as last time, but at least the experiments are a damn sight more interesting.

October rolls around, still bloody hot, and its time to start graduate school applications, midterms and homework are going at full force, and who has time to breathe? Certainly not I. Things go to hell in a handbasket for a bit, calm down, and its the little things that keep me going.

GREs, reserach, midterms, problem sets, and everything has blurred the past two weeks together. Arguably the most notworthy thing in my mind of the past month and a half has been the delay of my Zune 80 and Opteron 2350 -- both of which have been ordered but have been delayed.

This week is the first time I can breathe in a while. Still, though. Much to do. Tomorrow, I have to give Dr. Padian my CV & letter of recommendation stuff, go the the Vivarium for Heisenberg (possibly with Sarah), possibly work on vector graphics with Sara (yes, I am aware of the horrible confusion of knowing both a Sarah and a Sara. The former is "110 girl" and the latter "salamander Sara", for lack of better descriptions that aren't synopses of my personal interactions with them), and D&D in the evening. Then, this weekend will *only* have two problem sets. Which is actually a reduction from average.

I imagine my next post (regardless of me vowing to update more) will be either about the fairer sex, my next semester's schedule, or research. Hm. Along those veins, next semester will be my lightest at Cal with a "mere" 15 units, and maybe I'll post some research pictures later.

Also, I'm not sure if I'll startup a wordpress on . Kyle screwed around with the domains and such, so fine -- I now have my own domain and storage space (where the Raptors and Sea Monsters site is, incidentally).

I think that's it for now.


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