Thursday, April 27, 2006

And the Circle Goes Yet Round..

As this semester draws to a close, I feel obliged to update this.

Its evident that all of my friends were correct; 20 units is too much to handle. Very strangely, it was Sara that got me through the first few months of class, despite the insanity. However, things did start going downhill after Februrary. March, and CRP, brought in a few new people solidly in the 'friend' category [Lisa R comes most notably to mind], but workloads are indifferent to ones aspirations and social life. This semester, therefore, has seen me retreat into my secure shell, and some of my cast-off "dorm barnacle" tendancies began to return. No new woman has truly in any serious way taken my fancy, which has actually more drawbacks than bonuses from my slight experience.

The scholastics of this semester have been... somewhat questionable. I am honestly not sure where I lie. My labs, no matter how long, how much effort, I put into them, I seem to hover between 85 and 70 on the grades. However, having no concept of teh curve, I don't know where I lie for 111. For 137, the point totals of the homeworks are unlisted, as well as averages, so all I have to base it on is what was a B+ for my first midterm and a probable faliure for the second [still unkown]. Astro I think I'm doing moderately well in, but again, not much reference. English, my professor doesn't believe in giving a grade until the end, so... there that one goes. Gregors class is spectactular, though my midterm grade was average at best. I have a feeling that that one I can salvage at the final to a GPA-boost status.

In my personal life, what I've found is ... well, all sorts of odd things. What I've figured out is that nothing can really be predicted in a serious way, but... ultimately, this isn't the place for it. Its had its ups, and its downs, but there's really only two things I'd change over the whole semester.

That's it for now. Back to Quantum homework (put off for an excellent bout of Capture the Flag), and back to the grind.


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