Friday, May 18, 2007

Radar Blip

So, upon retrospection, I've realized that this semester is the first time I've ever made some sort of footprint on the greater world.

I've made my first steps into the world of research. With the Kepler project, some of my work will not only have some nonzero impact on the greater scientific world, but on a particular NASA mission! Needless to say, this is amazing beyond belief.

My paleo paper was apparently *really good*. There's an outside chance that with enough correspondence with Matt Wedel, it may become publishable, according to Professor Padian anyway.

Besides dabbling in Paleontology and Astrophysics, I was contacted earlier in the semester by the Mitt Romney campaign to be a technical advisor. For a primary campaign -- one of the four men that might become the presidential candidate for the Republican party. I turned him down on moral (word choice?) grounds, but the fact remains I was so approached.

My work in general has become noticed: I'm consistently good at computers and websites, build them carefully. I was asked to help found a business with someone. An all-in-one solution, site building and computer repair. Because of my workload, I turned it down, but I was asked to get back to them ... and I was a first choice.

Most recently, I missed a phone call during my final from Microsoft. I was contacted by name and asked to call back, and I left a message (I got an extension to a human being. When does this happen?). By bloody MICROSOFT. By name. That's rather nifty! Probably not anything much, but still .... I get a kick out of it.

Somehow in the past six months, I've become more than a nobody. When did this happen?


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Love your site physics, but the white on black can be harsh on the non-computer freak eyeball ;)

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