Friday, April 13, 2007

On the Graduate Record Exam

In the spirit of the GRE tomorrow, I will give you the books that I've referenced (for even a single formula) the past two weeks in studying (in order of class):

- An Introduction to Mechanics (Kleppner/Kolenkow)
- Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Harris) [Error Analysis]
- Principles of Modern Chemistry (Oxtoby, Gillis, Nachtrieb) [Speed Distributions]
- Electricity and Magnetism (Purcell)
- Vibrations and Waves (French)
- Optics (Hecht)
- Modern Physics (Serway/Moses/Moyer) [Scattering]
- An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (Carrol/Ostlie)
- Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Griffiths)
- The Physics of Stars (Phillips) [Some fluid stuff...]
- Gravity (Hartle)
- Introduction to Cosmology (Ryden)
- Peice of ^%#@ purple REA physics prep book

My *real* introduction to cosmo book (Foundations of Modern Cosmology, Hawley and Holocomb)and my galaxies texts aren't quite so useful, I'm afraid.

I've also gone through about 75% of a tin of mints. Today.

I'll admit I'm a hair concerned about this one.


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