Thursday, November 10, 2005

Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, I do believe it is time to provide an update to this.

In the months intervening between this post and the last, quite a bit has happened, mostly relevant on an personal scale. This has been largely related on my livejournal, which is not intended as a place for serious, thoughtful, or otherwise insightful ideas. Instead, it is a place to put a comment or tale to all my friends simultaneously, rather than a rigourous journal, which I imagine would be more akin to ideas, theories, and some chronology (though much less of the 'I went on a LAN party Friday' order-of-magnitude).

My job at Best Buy was a complete success, during which I earned enough money to purchase my current laptop (also here). The leftover money has slowly been leaving my bank and flowing out into society as I change my eating habits to result in a healthier (or, at least more-well-fed) me. My 19th birthday was rather interesting, and my friends were just great. Our social net took a bit of a blow, recently, upon the breakup of Robert and Louise, but we seem to be getting along better, now. After a far-too-long summer, I'm enjoying Cal once more, and performing better than my previous year overall, which is quite heartening. Additionally, I've personally been able to calm myself somewhat, and positive things in my personal life may be on the horizon--at the very least, I have someone to thank very deeply, regardless of how it turns out, for ushering in an era of calmness and relaxation in my life.

Today was the termination of this semester's midterm season (though I still have a single paper to write for EPS), and I'm becoming satisfied in my personal goal to become a Renaissance Scientist of sorts.... I'm still fairly in touch with biology, and my overall knowledge of science, especially that which is astrophysical, has increased by several orders of magnitude. Indeed, this very day I had a minor epiphany event (not the same order of magnitude as last year's General Relativy Image epiphany) regarding the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and through association with some new friends in BCR I've been able to round myself out somewhat. I've finally become satisfied with my level of socialbility, have a stable friend group of which I'm proud of, and I've taken on enough extracurriculars that it feels full-- I still do fencing when I can, I'm attempting to take up Archery, and I'm the current webmaster of the BCR website. I have some things to do yet for it, but I'm nevertheless satisfied for the time being.

With luck, things will go well. I acknowledge that this has not been updated much, and it probably won't be too significantly updated until the Real World &tm; comes up and hits me on the back to say hi. Until then, I'll see you on LiveJournal.

I'll be back in a few months.


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