Friday, February 24, 2006

Once more with feeling

So, what has occured, these past few months? My social circle has had a complete upheaval. I had a significant outing with Melissa, which is on the repair, Kit is now dating Louise, and Louise and I had a large falling out over break, a temporary reparation, and currently... the cold shoulder. Instead, BCR has taken on a bit of a larger aspect of my life. Andrea, Melanie (S), and Melissa (J) have all become better friends, as have Chris P, Lisa R, and John R.

However, what of my personal life? I took the plunge and asked out AR on a date last November; while it was nice, nothing came of it and that was that. Scholastics of the Fall of 05 were mostly good, but I did poorly on the finals, which reduced two A's to subpar grades.

Enter winter break... long, dull, but odd. I attended a social event of Liza's(odd enough in itself -- but this was a football watching party), where I met one SW. We hit it off pretty well, and I decided (with some help and prodding from Liza) to ask her out... and it was a smashing sucess. I had a thoroughly good time, while it lasted (We dated for roughly one month); though she recently decided that she's not ready for a relationship, I'd never press her to do something she'd not like, or want, to. I'm glad she's willing to stay friends, because I value that. However, coupled with midterms and a 20 unit workload, this semester has worked out to be quite difficult, and this week in particular hellish. I would like to note for my posterity that I loathe, with a passion, Berekeley Physics 111 Lab, Basic Semiconductor Circuits. Alas, it is mandatory. My other classes are going fairly well; I have Professor Marc Davis for Astro 7B (again! He was great in Ay3), which is quite fun, and Quantum is... interesting, if challenging. I love Dr. Gregor for PS136A, though I find my English class tedious at best.

I've been set back, yes, but I will persist. I will succeed this semester, and I will give it my all. Right now, the big thing for me is resolving myself to my situation -- for I was really amazingly fond of SW, and I can tell already that this recovery will be different than normal. We're on the search for housing next year, and with luck, we'll get this nice place on Northside.

Let's see how the ball bounces. This weekend is CRP, and I think that all bets are off as to how it'll be. Thankfully, I'll be able to see Vanessa, which will be great, though. But otherwise... its up in the air.