Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Job

Today marks the end of the fourth week on the job at Best Buy #183 as a Geek Squad Tech. It's been going rather well, actually. I think I've proven myself to be a hard, adept worker, and I've settled into a routine. It's been fairly established that yes, I can handle customers, but I don't play the little idiosyncracies of the system quite properly, and I sometimes forget to give them a second form I'm supposed to give them. However, I'm learning quickly. I can repair almost any computer problem.... enough that I get really annoyed with myself when I find a problem that I cannot solve, such as a current one involving a RAID setup. However, I think that this has proven my worth, and my skills in the area of computing. This is giving me good money, experience, and will be quite helpful in the long run.

On a related note, I offically dislike taxes that aren't for some constructive purpose like general state taxes. I find the idea that someone is getting the money that I worked for rather irritating... and I hope that "Federal SS-0" isn't social security. I'm not going to see a dime of it, and that was $80 in taxes on this last pay check...